Best Brunch Near Cedar Park Apartments

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Aside from sleeping in, brunch is one of the top things we look forward to during the weekend. It is the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch food that we can’t always take advantage of during the work week. Cedar Park apartments are surrounded by some top-notch restaurants serving up some of the best brunches in the area.  


Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory the brunch spots we listed below have something for everyone. One of our choices even has its own bloody mary bar! What makes these picks even better is that they are all only 10 minutes from Muir Lake apartments.


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Blue Corn Harvest Bar & Grill


If you’re in the mood for authentic Southwestern cuisine then add Blue Corn Harvest to your list.

Their brunch menu is a mix of brunch classics like omelets and club sandwiches, in addition to breakfast burritos and chile con queso. And instead of a basket of chips guests can dig into their complimentary cornbread.


Blue Corn Harvest also has a bloody mary bar so you can customize and top your beverage with all the mixes and condiments your heart desires.


The Rotten Bunch Wine Bar & Kitchen


For a memorable brunch experience head on over to The Rotten Bunch. The service here is on point and the food is delicious. Plus the menu prices are quite reasonable so you won’t break the bank dining here. Their menu is simple and features a number of a la carte items, which allows you to mix and match for a personal brunch feast. We recommend begg bowl for the ultimate brunch meal.


A heads up that brunch is only offered here on Sunday so be sure to plan accordingly!


Morning Sunshine Breakfast


We understand that there are days where you’re craving a simple brunch but don’t want the full restaurant experience. When that’s the case we recommend Morning Sunshine Breakfast. This locally owned shop is the perfect option for a casual weekend breakfast. Pair your coffee with a variety of donuts and kolaches. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast tacos then opt for their make your own breakfast sandwiches.


That’s all we have for this blog! Was your favorite brunch spot not included in our list? Go ahead and let us know! We love to hear where our residents' favorite spots are.


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